Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sister Meets Brother

Addison's first meeting with baby Samuel took place Saturday afternoon at the hopsital. She knew that he was important to us, but that was about it. As you can see she wanted to be near him, but not really ready to break the touch barrier.

It wasn't until we got everybody under one roof that she realized that Samuel was a part of the family. This morning as a bit of a surprise. Both kids got up at the same time and when Addison saw Laura with Sam, she raised her hands up towards her mom.

The surprising part of all this was that she wasn't asking to be held by Laura, she was wanting to hold baby Samuel. She was perfect with her first time holding Sam. With him in her lap she simply had one arm over his body and at time gently moved her hand against his head.

Once she got her Samuel fix it was time for breakfast. Both kids ate well and we began the journey towards a new schedule and family life. Both kids have cried throughout the day, but it hasn't caused an early end to a nap yet for the one that was sleeping at the time.

The calmness of bringing a second child home has been true for the first 24 hours. The little things that Addison did that made us wonder if she was okay are things we expect and are ready for. We're confident that Samuel will have some things we aren't ready for, but very happy with how things are going.

Grandpa Jim and Grandma Lou got here this afternoon and they quickly went one on one with their grandchilren. It was also an opportunity for Addy to get some gentle caresses in on Sam.

We are enjoying the time together and still find it hard to believe there are two car seats in the car and two babies in the house. It is a blessing to be sure and so many good days, months, weeks and years ahead.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Little Family of Four

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday morning we woke up not really expecting anything other than another day of waiting. Months of anticipation and planning had been replaced by watching the minutes and seconds trying to decide when to make our way to the hospital.

Friday morning Laura woke up around her normal time and said she felt different and that she may be having contractions. It didn't take long for her to be certain she was having contractions and preparing herself for labor. We began making calls to get Addison in the hands of loving family and friends.

Addison knew their was something different about the day, but as is her way, she simply rolled with it. Her nana and papa brought her to the hospital in the afternoon where she sat on the edge of the bed wanting to be near her momma. It wasn't long before she wanted down and began playing hide and seek in the room (a game she has started playing for the past month or so).

She left the hospital not really knowing that she would soon have a little brother. Someone that she will be able to play with, eventually tell on, and love in ways that we are never able to express... especially for a little girl that does some sign language and loves to say, "go, go, go".

The labor and delivery process went sooo much quicker this time and we are beyond thankful that was the case. Like his sister Samuel appears to like attention, since he waited until a shift change to join the family.

When the day was done and the nighttime hours came upon us, the hectic day became quiet allowing the events of the day to settle in. We were no longer blessed with one child, but God had entrusted us with yet another.

Most parents at one time or another look upon the face of their child and wonder, "why us" or "can we do this"... I don't know the answer to the first, but I know we can always do what the Lord has granted us.

Not only are we blessed with wonderful children, but are reminded once again of how many love and care us. We are grateful for many things and praise God that as always His will was done and His protective hand was upon the events of the day.

We thank all of you for your prayers. We love you guys.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We're Ready... I Think

Well, our New Year is off and running. Well, everyone is running but me. Addison has pretty well mastered running on her toes now. And Darby runs to whomever she thinks is most likely to play with her. Poor dog... I think she knows we'll soon be bringing home another baby, and her chances of one-on-one time with either of us will again take a major hit. Addy doesn't have any idea. I've just been praying God will prepare her in His perfect way, because I'm going to need her to keep being her sweet self.

I think we're ready for Samuel to get here. His room is pretty well put together, and the borrowed bassinet is in it's place. My bag isn't packed, but neither is Matt's. I'll try to do that soon. My body is ready. I don't sleep much at night, my back is only getting worse, and playing with Addy is really hard. Good thing we're close. January 16 is right around the corner now!

This is Addison watching Aunt Krista put make-up on. She seldom left Krista alone while they were here.

Below, Grandma Lou is reading one of Addy's many books. She really loves to read. And, lest you think she's always sweet, I included a pic of one of her "fierce faces."

Darby had a good Christmas too. This is her guarding her new toy from Aunt Krista. The other picture is Addison and 2 of her favorite friends: Baby Stella and Aunt Krista!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Joy

We have had a wonderful Christmas! Despite the snow and ice, we celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Matt's family, as my family made the journey through the weather to spend a few days here as well. Addison has become very proficient at ripping through gift wrap and emptying boxes. She loves her new toys. It has been so much fun watching her get excited and play with her favorites. We've really enjoyed watching her play with her cousins as well. It's safe to say we are tremendously blessed and have more than we could ever ask for!

The above pictures are 2 from Christmas morning and 2 from the last couple of days. Addison loves her new stroller so much, she just keeps piling more toys into it to push around the house.

I have to get a move on here and get ready to go - it's New Year's Eve after all, and we actually have some plans! I have lots more adorable pictures of Miss Addison playing with her family and new toys, but they will have to wait. The internet is a bit slow tonight. I hope you all have a safe and happy night, and a blessed 2010!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I can't believe October is almost gone and winter (not to mention the holidays) is right around the corner. As Addison (and my belly) keeps growing, it is getting harder and harder to get anything done around here. She's a blast - literally - it's like "blast off" from the moment she wakes up until she gives up and has a nap. She loves to climb, chase Darby, and imitates everything she sees me or her daddy do. It's really hard to get any cute pictures of her lately, because as soon as she sees the camera, she running at it to take it from me and push the buttons herself. Buttons that make noise or light up are so entertaining! We did get some professional fall/one year pictures taken yesterday - the only sunny day we've had in ages. I'll let you all know when we can view any of them online.

If she can't get to my phone, she just holds her hand to her ear and pretends!
Trying on Mommy's hat - she doesn't leave them on long, but likes to put them on her head!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Addison's Birthday

We're making our way back to the land of the living! All 3 of us have been fighting a nasty stomach bug this week, which seems to have hit Matt the hardest. But none of us have enjoyed it at all! I've tried a couple of times to get some pictures up (honestly, I have!!) but "blogger" and my computer don't always play nicely together and then I get frustrated.

We loved seeing all of you that came for Addison's birthday party - can anyone believe she's already a year old!?! We're so grateful to have such wonderful family that will travel to see us so often. We even got to enjoy another quick visit from Krista this week. Hopefully she avoided the pestilence floating around our home! Thanks for braving it with us Aunt Krista!!
Here are some of the many cute pics from Addy's birthday party!
After presents, we got her all ready to dig into her cake, but she wanted nothing to do with it.
After Addy didn't eat her cake, we served our guests "Mystery Cupcakes," all filled with either pink or blue icing. Once you bite into it, you get to discover the gender of our next little Dalmut!
The icing was very blue, which means, yes, we are expecting a baby boy!!! We are so excited to get to have a son! Addison smiles when we tell her she's having a brother; we hope she's still happy about it in about 5 months!
The birthday girl was pretty worn out after all the festivities. She's such a sweet snuggler when she's tired. I'm going to miss that some day. Hopefully my growing belly won't prohibit snuggling too soon!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Playing in Peoria

Addison and I (Laura) are having a wonderful time in Peoria with my family. We have visited aunts, grandparents, friends, and neighbors. Addison loves her daily stroller rides and has discovered she really really loves swinging! Much to my delight she also had a great time splashing in the swimming pool at the "Y." We're going to have to keep her in practice so she can blow out the competition in her lessons next year! I've also discovered 2 new teeth in her little mouth this week, bringing the grand total to 4 (2 lower, and now 2 upper to match)! Thankfully, Addy is a fairly patient traveler. So hopefully our car ride home on Saturday will be as uneventful as the drive up here was!